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I offer one to one lessons in the comfort of your home or Online. Each lesson will be specifically prepared for you targeting your particular needs. I will give you a folder. In the folder will be a record sheet showing the topics you have covered and also the work you have done. In time, the folder can be used as a reference and revision resource.

Mathematics is a key subject in accessing further training, education and employment. It is of great value not only in its own right but it also helps develop thinking, logic, problem solving and analytical skills. All of these are transferable to many situations. In the latest Budget (2017), the Government is promoting the study of A-level Maths.


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  1. If I increase £8 by 25% it makes £10. What percentage do I have to decrease £10 by to make £8?20%
  2. Solve this equation           5x + 2 = 14 – x x = 2
  3. John has taken 4 tests, his mean score so far is 7 out of 10. In his 5th test he scored 2 out of 10. What is his mean score now? 6
  4. Work out the answer to 34 x 67 using a written method. Use this answer to find:2278
    1. 3.4 x 6.722.78
    2. 0.34 x 670227.8
    3. 34 x 662244 (2278 -34)
    4. 17 x 671139 (2278 ÷ 2)
  5. Shantae has 24 counters. Some of them are red and the rest are blue. The ratio of Red: Blue is 5:3. How many more red counters does she have than blue ones?6

Feel free to use the worksheets on the resources page. If you would like to discuss how I could help you with your Maths then please get in touch.