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Maths Services

How it Works

I would come to your house during the day or in the evening to tutor. I would need a quiet area to work free from distractions. I can deliver a string of sessions at a regular time slot or a one off lesson to address a particular need. After my first session I would ask you to consider whether the arrangement is going to “work for you” before planning any further sessions. I would plan each session to match carefully the needs of the student. I request payment at the end of each lesson and would provide a receipt. I am registered as a Sole Trader with HMRC.

School and College Students

I can prepare students for their GCSE, A-level or internal exams. I can support students during their Maths courses. I can help students who struggle to believe that they can do Maths or who are hampered by lack of confidence. I can help students catch up if they have missed time at school.

Private tuition complements the work done in school/college.

Adult Learners

There are many situations where adults find that they need Maths qualification to further their careers or to gain access to employment. I can help prepare for online or written assessments in many circumstances.

Revision Events

Near to the main Maths exams I will be running some revision classes. Details of these will follow nearer the time.

Send me a Message Fill in the form below with any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.